Wedding Photography

Wedding is a collection of happy and moving moments, a note of hope about the shared life to come and beloved persons who generously express their wishes.


And all of these have to be captured in an absolutely true manner in the accompanying pictures and videos by people who not only have the necessary experience but rather live and feel each and every moment of the blissful couple as if they were their own moments.


Supported by our long experience and our many original and comprehensive (pre-wedding/wedding/next day shooting) ideas of our portfolio, we can suggest, organise, discuss and live with you the whole of the preparation, the ceremony and the moments after. We participate in your worries, your emotions, your laughter, your joy. Because your wedding is our concern.

Baptism Photography

One of the most emotional moments in the life of a person is the christening of their child. The particularity of the sacrament, the unexpected expressions and the sweet tiredness of the baby create images that you want to treasure and commemorate for ever.


Being parents ourselves, we combine our professional and our personal experiences with our creative ideas and we present to you our complete proposals that will thrill you and immortalise, in an integrated way, all precious moments, not only of the christening day but also of the next day


With flexibility and valuable advices that derive from our experience, we can create exactly what you have in mind so that the baptism day of your child will be kept unforgettable.

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy: Mixed feelings, sweet anticipation for the parents to hold their baby into their arms, anxiety about everything going well. Changes in the body of the mother to be that may cause worries and, at the same time, bring joy. Thoughts about the new role that the parents are ready to undertake and dreams about how they are going to raise their child.


Months that are full of intense emotions, a special and unique time period for a woman, for a couple, no matter how many children they already have or they are going to have.


Capture these tender moments and create a beautiful photographic journal of the sweetest time of your life. Dreamy sceneries, small fairytale stories that will accompany you and your child for a lifetime. Trust our experience both as parents and photographers for a fascinating result.

Newborn Photography

After nine months of sweet anticipation, you are finally holding in your arms the most wonderful gift that life could ever give you, your newborn baby. Your first moments with the baby are as precious as their own existence. Their smile, their little eyes that look at the world in curiosity, their little hands that touch you in search of safety, their unique face expressions, but also your own expressions of happiness, enthusiasm and sweet agony are the moments that you will want to treasure forever.


We know from experience, because we are parents ourselves, how unique these moments are and therefore we can propose and create with you wonderful photographic collections that capture every sweet snapshot of your precious baby, every look of love, so that you can recall them whenever you wish in order to relive the same feelings and emotions.

Drone Video & Photography

We are equipped with the top technological apparatuses of aerial photography and videography

Family Photography

Family is a powerful blood bond, full of emotions, respect and dedication. Bonds of absolute love of the parents, the children and the siblings who share moments of happiness, anger, laughter and hugs. Although you live these moments every day, they differ because they are unique in their essence, as unique as the people who create them. As unique as family itself.


Of course, the concept of a family photo shoot is not an original idea. We all have a classic family photograph among the memories of the past, hidden within our drawers.


Nevertheless, things have changed since then and the photographic album of memories that we propose and create with you immortalises moments that are true, vivid and spontaneous. Moments that you can treasure forever.


Photographic memories that bring back the past and travel with you through time.

Event Photography

The more or less important events of every kind need to be photographically documented in the appropriate, impeccably professional way. They require the experience, readiness, inspiration and decisiveness of the people who know their job very well and can guarantee an absolutely professional result.


Having all of the features mentioned above, we can fully undertake every kind of sport, music or dance events, as well as happenings organised by social and cultural clubs, cultural events, theatrical performances, social events, conferences etc, both in interior or exterior spaces, whether they last a single day or many days.


We have already prepared some suggestions for the best possible photographic coverage of your events and we are always available and open to work and creatively discuss with you in order to shape our proposals according to your needs and ideas and thus to create exactly what you want.

Videography – Video Creation

Photographs can capture each single beautiful moment of your personal, significant events (wedding, baptism, family photo shoots of every kind). They can also immortalise the important instances of various social, cultural, sport, professional and other events.


The flawless and professional videography is a necessary supplement to all of the above in order to treasure vividly the images and the sounds of your moments for ever. There is also the possibility of creating movies for promotional and other purposes.


Due to the fact that we use the most technologically advanced equipment for the capturing of image and sound, we have the experience, the immediacy and the will to accomplish precisely what you are looking for.


By the use of the multiple potentials of videography, we have created and we can present to you ideal solutions that can be modified in accordance with your personal or professional needs in order to achieve a perfect result.

Aerial Photography – Aerial Videography

The most useful and effective tool in the field of aerial photography and videography is obviously the drone, because it is equipped with various capabilities.


The correct use of the drone and the complete utilisation of all the possibilities that it can provide to us require proper experience, as well as inspiration and original thinking, with the purpose of creating unique shots in every case that will accompany the undertaken project.


Its use comprises of a vast variety of applications that range from the creation of advertising or tourist videos to the filming of movies and musical videos, the photographing of large pieces of land for all purposes, but also for the coverage of big outdoor events, such as sport, cultural and social events (for example concerts, parades etc).


We are at your disposal for a creative cooperation that will result in a perfect outcome.

Advertising Photography

Experience, creative and pioneering thinking and professionalism are some of the features that we possess and that you need when it comes to photographing your products, your shop or your tourist enterprise for advertising reasons.


By looking through our rich related portfolio with the already finished projects you will be convinced of our perfect professional work, which is carefully planned down to the last detail.


Through the creative discussion with us, you can have the absolute experience of collaboration and you will be able to combine our creative and original ideas with exactly what you have in mind.


We respect and love our job, we have the best equipment and we offer professionalism and perfect cooperation for the best possible result concerning your job.

Commercial Product Photography

E-shops offer an effective and creative way to professionals so that they can present their services and products to a wider public. At the same time, they are an easy and quick way for the consumers to acquire their favourite products.


However, the way that the products for sale are presented has to be the appropriate one if you want to accomplish the desired result.


The correct arrangement, the lighting, the angle of the photo shooting and many more important details should not be left to luck, but rather in the hands of highly skilled people with the appropriate equipment.


The professional photo shooting of products for e-shops requires special handling, a concept and a good understanding of the subject, things that we can provide you with due to our years of experience. Trust our instinct, our innovative ideas and our flawless professionalism for a result that will get your e-shop off the ground.

Treasure forever the most important day of your life through pictures and videos of exquisite quality and high aesthetics.

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